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A visually disabled person who walks in a shopping mall with blindoors application.

A Door to an Accessible World: Blindoors

Blindoors is the inclusive indoor location platform. We provide  accessibility solutions to visually impaired in places such as shopping malls, museums and universities.
With indoor navigation services, it provides ease of movement and direction finding.
How it works

How It Works?

Map Design

Open-closed area integration is provided by making geographical location definitions of the floor plans of selected venues.

Setup & Identification

Bluetooth sensors are installed in locations determined by maps. Then, definitions are made to the devices regarding their locations.

Application Development

Blindoors app listens the Bluetooth signals, provides voice guidance with the "Text to Speech" algorithm.

User Experience

With the application, users can move freely without the need for accompaniment.

Our Clients

Shopping Malls

In the malls, whose map is defined in the system, visually impaired people can get directions to the shops, toilets, elevators and exits they want to go without needing anyone.

Museums & Libraries

With the products we offer for accessible culture and art events, visually impaired people can listen to the descriptions of the artifacts they stand by in museums.

Universities & Workplaces

Unimpeded universities and business centers are created with indoor navigation prepared for each floor, department and common areas.

About Us

About Us

We established Poilabs based on real life visually impaired experiences. We developed a visually impaired navigation service within the scope of Turkcell "My Dream Partner" project with Blindoors application. Blindoors aims to increase accessibility and the participation of visually impaired people to social life by providing direction finding services in public areas.

PoiLabs' team members in our office
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Adres: İTÜ Teknokent Arı- 6 Maslak, İstanbul

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