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Accessible Venue Solutions

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Accessibility is the design of devices, services or environments to be suitable for the use of individuals with any disability condition. The accessibility of places creates more options for disabled socialization and liberates the disabled community. Like every individual, disabled people live with the desire to meet their needs freely without having to ask help from complete strangers. It is very important to design social venues such as universities, shopping malls, cafes and restaurants accessible with the sense of responsibility.

While the concepts of equalization and emancipation are constantly on the agenda these days, the issue of accessibility of venues gains importance every year. Entertainment sector, public places, universities and big business owners have a lot of responsibility in this regard. While many companies take action on this issue, companies that still do not have an accessibility solution are looking for new ways on this issue.

Making venues more accessible is a great way to promote inclusion and make all customers / visitors feel good. Providing accessible venues also gives organizations the power to create public awareness and social responsibility awareness. In this way, they fulfill their responsibility to create a more equal, accessible and free world.

As Blindoors, we have been developing digital solutions for visually impaired accessibility in indoor spaces since 2012. Our aim is to ensure equal participation of everyone in life and that no one is left out in any field. With our beacon devices working with Bluetooth Low Energy technology, we provide visually impaired navigation services and working to provide accessibility indoors. We are walking towards to more equal tomorrows with our ever-expanding customer portfolio.

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