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Disabled Participation to Social Life

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Farklı engellere sahip bir çok kişinin bir arada olduğu bir çizim çalışması.

According to OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) data, more than a billion people -15% of the world's population- has at least one disability.

The independence apprehension, one of the social needs of people, has a very important role in disabled people finding the power to maintain their own life. This can be made possible by including disabled people in both social and business life. So how can people with a physical obstacle, can participate in life equally and fully like unobstructed individuals? One of the many answers to this problem is technology and the other is awareness. While developing technology is making more possible every other day; social awareness allows these technologies to be used to overcome those obstacles.

The deficiency of the disabled people in the daily life and labor force, causes them to be economically dependent, passive in social life and isolation from society.

According to the United Nations report summary, it was shown that disabled employment has lead increasing country welfare and made positive changes in the institutions. Encouraging disabled employment, transforming to "accessible venues", and providing digital infrastructure in this regard; will also lead serious positive changes in the country policies.

To be in a trouble-free working environment, contributing to the production and to have an active life are the basic rights of impaired individuals such as all.

Görme engelli erkek kulaklık ve gözlükleriyle bilgisayarın önünde parmaklarıyla dosya okuyor. Arka planda kitaplıklar var.

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