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Accessible Web Applications

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Web page framed "Accessible" text and green check mark on yellow accessibility blocks.

The age of digitalization brought all kinds of content to the internet environment. Considering that web-based content directs many areas such as communication, trade and access to information, this situation creates the need for the content in the digital environment to be accessible for all individuals.

In the physical world; ramps, vocal signs, braille alphabet and digital solutions make life easier for people with disabilities. Web accessibility, making information accessible, means the same thing in the digital world.

Green colored eye, wheelchair, ear symbols on blurred HTML code in background.

There is approximately 1.3 billion web users with visual, hearing, neurological, physical or speech impairments. Their access to the 'unimpeded' content is critical for their daily lives.

Adding descriptive descriptions to images, adjusting the color contrast sufficiently, turning off animations for epilepsy patients, subtitling audio content, and organizing the website structure to make it more accessible are the examples for web accessibility.

You can check the guideline published by the "Web Accessibility Initiative" to make your website accessible.

You can check if your website meets the accessibility needs.

To make the physical spaces accessible, contact us!

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